Striving to create brands that resonate in the heart (and mind), and helping businesses connect with their customers in meaningful ways, is what we're all about.

Inspire our client to bravely own what they have, recognize what they don’t, and embrace the changes they need, or want, to create.
We are proudly Maine-made, woman-owned, socially-aware, courageous and collaborative — and live by a manifesto that considers both the brand and its people.

We're different than most agencies, and we like it that way.

Our boutique size makes us more personable, and our client service of higher quality. We understand on a deep level how our work helps you reach and sustain a healthy bottom line.
While we’ve made great strides, we haven’t achieved parity yet. Working with a woman-owned business will allow you to be part of the change.
Working with our clients, we have endless opportunities to use our creativity to help organizations grow. We know branding and marketing—and how it affects the growth of an organization—and are experts at making our clients look different than everyone else.

Areas of Interest & Specialization

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Industrial & Mfg.

Our Unique Story

As a teenager, I had really bad acne—and I was chubby. A very bad combination for being bullied in general, but definitely in high school. One day my grandmother, who worked for Clinique (I later found out it was at the counter and not at corporate, like I believed most of my life), whisked herself into our house with a brand, new concealer stick. She showed me how to use it to cover up my acne, made to look like my face was smooth as glass.

I never knew such a thing existed—and that I could cover up the blemishes, and boost my confidence, with something as simple as using that stick.

My grandmother was a wizard with makeup. She showed me that lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers, and concealers could be used like paint. That they could be used to change my face into someone new every day if I wanted. It was my first foray into art. I soon learned that paints and pencils and charcoals and even crayons also created a whole new world. And so my love affair with branding, design, art, and creativity was born.

Ashleigh Burskey
FOUNDER, Chief Executive Officer

Because of that early intro to art, I began to hone it and, while still in high school, won a gold key scholastics award and tied for first place in a competition that funded independent study of art in Spain and France prior to college at the Kansas City Art Institute.

While studying art, I was awarded a Summer Fellowship at the Ox-Bow School of Art & Artist Residency (affiliated with The School of the Art Institute of Chicago). Once I graduated, I ventured back overseas to produce my own body of work. I was an artist in residence at two residencies—one each in Stavanger, Norway, and Berlin, Germany.

Today, I still visit the makeup counters and Sephora for inspiration for the work we do for our clients. My grandmother’s voice in my head—you can always make things more beautiful.

Meet the Team

Helping businesses connect with people in meaningful ways is what brings the Pistil Brands team to work each, and every, day.
Jensie Simkins
Director, Digital & content strategy

With an education in composition and rhetoric, Jensie is an accomplished copywriter. She believes we can do a lot with words – whether it’s a small tagline on a billboard or brief conversation with a stranger in a grocery line. After nearly a decade of marketing experience, she’s still passionate about building a brand image, voice, and identity and telling the story of the company.

As the marketing landscape changed to a more digital focus, Jensie found a home and a natural fit in content marketing. From blogs to nurture campaigns, SEO to analytics, she is dedicated to delivering high-quality content that drives results for clients. Based on research and data, Jensie works with clients to create meaningful content campaigns across a variety of channels and for different phases of the sales funnel.

When she’s not running around being a mom to two wonderful kids and partner to a super-smart DO/Ph.D. neurology fellow, she is an avid reader, above-average baker, and novice strongwoman competitor.

Emilee Joseph McLain
operations manager

Emilee is an Operations Manager and Scheduling Director hailing from Philadelphia. She has spent most of her professional career in legislative government and in the past year applied her skill set to the marketing sphere.

From an early age, Emilee loved puzzles and figuring things out. She lives by the mantra that there is a solution to every problem. This is essential when she is constantly juggling multiple clients, projects, and personalities. As a perpetual "YES" girl and (sometimes to her detriment) workaholic, you can usually find her multitasking on dual screens while wrangling a two-year-old and an extremely friendly Scottish fold cat. All challenges are accepted!

With a "work hard/play hard" approach to life, when Emilee isn't in the office, she greatly enjoys dining at the new restaurants in town, planning her next vacation, and continually trying to improve her baking skills.

Kim Schuyler
graphic designer

Kim’s affinity for design began in early childhood – being raised by a rare book and art dealer, her interest was sparked by traditional Swiss posters and typesetting. She used her multitude of interests to obtain a Media Arts degree from Northern Vermont University in 2017, where she was able to apply her love for printmaking to her traditional design degree.

Today, Kim uses her passion for deep strategy and thoughtful design to help brands build lasting relationships with their audiences. With a background in experiential marketing, her interests lie within both the digital and print realms, with a heavy focus on typography.

When she isn’t drawing shapes on a computer, you can find Kim enjoying a dirty gin martini while hanging out with her three cats, attempting to be average at yoga, or spending time along the coast of Maine.

Lisa Leslie
Marketing coordinator & copywriter

Lisa Leslie is a copywriter and content strategist living in Rochester, New Hampshire, with a passion for writing that began as a child. She started writing short stories, songs, plays, and poems in middle school and went on to graduate with a BA in English at UNH, Durham in 2003. Previous job titles have included but are not limited to Director of Public Relations, Social Media Coordinator, SEO Copywriter, Technical Editor, Internet Salesperson, Team Trainer...and the list goes on (and on).

Her very first job out of college was with a business finance company, where she learned a lot about the challenges that small and medium-sized business owners faced. This experience ultimately sparked a passion and desire to help these same business owners thrive by helping them share their stories with others to inspire brand loyalty.

When Lisa isn’t spending time with her husband and two stepdaughters you might find her doing karaoke, running the occasional 5k for charity, and spending time outdoors.


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They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz
They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz
They helped us launch sooner and achieve spectacular results. We are thrilled.
Annabelle Porter, Grillz

Make your brand stick

Make your brand stick

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